Enhanced Pagination Abilities, PHP and WP Updates

Enhanced Pagination Abilities

Shifter now supports pagination for categories, tags and archives.

Previously, Shifter focused on generating posts, pages and their paginated results if any. We’ve added that same functionality to Categories, Tags, and Archives.

You can now reliability develop and use themes with those features and seamlessly create static versions with many pages.

Updated PHP Support

Shifter now works with PHP 7.1 ! New projects will be launched with the latest stable version of PHP, supported by WordPress. Your projects will automatically update update projects from 7.0 to 7.1.

If you have concerns about compatibility, we recommend checking your site with these tools: Debug Info, Server Info or WordPress phpinfo(). It’s a quick and simple way to get an idea of what plugins you may need to upgrade, change or simply give you the green-light for PHP 7.1.

Updated WordPress Core

Updated WordPress core to version 4.9.1.


Squashed a few bugs related to domain handling 🐞 🔨