Dan Olson of DigitalCube to speak at WordCamp for Publishers

This August Dan Olson of DigitalCube is attending the inaugural WordCamp for Publishers as a speaker presenting on the topic of security and representing Shifter as an event sponsor.

WordCamp for Publishers is focused on, well, publishers but a lot more than that. From the lineup so far sessions will include global censorship on the web to agile development and prototyping. It’s a great place to meet real developers and teams working on projects at scale and share what they’ve learned. WordPress has historically been easy to use and approachable but it’s also very capable and complex at times. Learning insight first hand on how to scale, secure, and manage large projects is often a niche topic, but now it’s taking center stage at this event.

Speaking on the topic of security, Dan will present, Alternative Hacks: WordPress Security From the Outside Looking In. “From plugins that promise a layer of security to lofty opinions about file permissions, it’s hard to tell what works. Simply put, a security plan that aims to slow down someone who’s already in your house isn’t really a plan.”

He believes that the most secure environments start with a solid foundation or even before that. Clients depend on us to safeguard their data from intruders and best practices start at the keyboard. This talk is presentation style and will cover everything from why it’s important to use VPNs, durability against and during attacks, recovery, and the next generation of WordPress hosting with Serverless options and WordPress to Static services like Shifter.

Don’t miss this one of a kind event, August 17-19 in Denver, Colorado. Tickets are still available through the event website but don’t wait long as they are limited and in demand.