Custom 404s for Static WordPress Sites on Shifter

We recently received a question on Twitter about support for custom 404 pages on Shifter. It’s a darn good question because we never thought to cover it in our docs or this blog, so here we go.

Fun fact: Shifter Supports Custom 404 Pages

Shifter handles 404s the same way WordPress handles 404s and using the docs available on you can customize them or use the default 404 already available within your theme.

To create a custom 404 page for your theme, check out this guide from the official docs.

Using one of our favorite test themes, Susty, here’s a quick demo of how Shifter handles WordPress 404’s.

The domain for our demo site is:

To view the 404, we’ll just navigate to the following in our browser and get this result:

Slash 404 is a simple way to test but we really can use any path that doesn’t exist such as

Go forth and customize those 404’s to your heart’s content!