Changelog: Support for trailing slash URL rewrites

A trailing slash URL is the “/” bit at the end of a web address such as This is also commonly known as a forward-slash.

We are happy to announce that Shifter now offers a greater range of support for URLs both with and without forward-slashes. Prior to this change, forward-slashes were required to match static pages on Shifter sites.

On legacy hosting environments the ability to interchange a web address with or without a forward slash to its ultimate destination was less important. While using Apache or NGINX, we can rewrite those URIs to their intended address.

While using static files in a serverless hosting environment, we need to rely on alternative methods such as Lambda, DNS, CloudFront, or an API Gateway.

In this case, we were able to implement this forwarding feature using Lambda@Edge and CloudFront.

This update is an extension of a recent change to for Shifter sites to offer more support for redirects. In addition to forward-slash support, we now offer integration with the popular WordPress Redirections plugin.

For more details check out our blog post on that release titled: Redirect options for static WordPress sites.

How to Get Started

To begin using this update, simply generate a new artifact and deploy. As with all Shifter platform updates we perform rolling updates to ensure the latest changes are available to our customers seamlessly.

Note about Caching

Since this feature depends on CloudFront, some caching may occur. If you experience this please clear your browser cache or allow for CloudFront to invalidate the cache of your latest artifact deploy.