Announcing new organizations features for teams, agencies, and collaborators

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We are pleased to announce, Shifter Organizations, a feature designed with teams in mind.

Shifter Organizations allows agencies and collaborators abilities to create multiple organizations within one account. While creating new sites on Shifter, teams can assign those sites to specific organizations that need access to them.

Our decision to build this feature was based on user feedback and the request for more flexibility while managing multiple users and projects.

Whether you are a WordPress professional looking to grant clients access to their sites on Shifter or a company running multiple internal teams, granular access to sites is now a possibility.

Sub-users Feature Update

This feature release also improves upon the existing sub-user rolls within Shifter. Once an organization is created, new users can be invited to join that account and Org. While granting sub-users the ability to access an organization, they can be either be existing Shifter users or new ones.

Do I need to use Orgs?

Nope! The Organizations feature is completely optional. If you are using Shifter as a single user without collabrators, this will not affect your account at all.

General Availability

This feature is generally available for all Shifter users with paid plans. Currently, there is no limit to the number of organizations or sub-users.

Go try it out!

How to Get Started

To get started with Organizations, log into the Shifter Dashboard and navigate to the Org setting using the topmost navigation.

From there you can begin creating your first Org, invite team members, and assign new sites.