Edge Case Meetup: Where Tech, Design & Business Meet

J2 Design, our partner from Philly, is proud to announce Edge Case, a quarterly speaker series covering the unique spaces of design, tech, and business.
Whether by sheer will, pure luck, calculated planning, a mix of them all. These presenters have used their outlier status to create large scale impact.

We invite them to share the success and sometimes failure stories of pushing boundaries.

Tech, design and business will gather for its first meetup at
WeWork Northern Liberties, Philadelphia,
on July 19, from 18:00 to 20:30 pm.

Conrad Benner
After starting the graffiti/urban-exploration blog, StreetsDept.com, photographer Conrad Benner has evolved into an Instagram tastemaker. He’s created content for; Uniqlo, the PMA, Uber, Urban Outfitters, and Visit Philly. His work has also appeared in The Guardian, Mashable, and Time Magazine.

Alex Hillman
While he’s not writing a crapload each day or Tweeting too much, he’s coaching people.
Helping them become the best possible version of themselves. He can’t stop learning new things and does his best not to take himself too seriously.

Hiromichi Koga & Shinichi Nishikawa
As CEO and HBT (Happy Beer Taster) of DigitalCube Co. Ltd, Hiromichi leads a team that powers some of the world’s top brands.
The Japan Times, Seiko, Mazda, AOL and more rely on their unique approach to hosting. Utilizing Amazon Web Services and the latest technologies to deliver their product, AMIMOTO AMI.
Hiromichi and Shinichi are dedicated Open Source enthusiasts and WordPress contributors.


This event is hosted by WeWork, a community for creators. They transform buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces and provide infrastructure, services, events, and technology so their members can focus on doing what they love.

Edge Case is now open for registration.