WordPress powered by JIN-KEI (Auto-Scaling) Release

The infrastructure optimizes itself to the access; AutosScaling full stack WordPress infrastructure.


DigitalCube releases JINKEI’s new variation supports AutoScale.
It supports AWS feature AutoScale which tune numbers of the servers against server loads. With this template, you will get and operate robust WordPress infrastructure against spiking traffics or any application troubles.


  • PV has hot and cold, so it’s hard to plan to then we should strength the infrastructure of the server;
  • The server fault which made sales down, so we must avoid it;
  • Our employees are not infrastructure professionals, so we are hard to build robust WordPress infrastructure;


WordPress powered by JIN-KEI (Auto-Scaling) has AutoScale feature, it enables increase or decrease numbers of servers against the server loads itself. If you have some event or your products appear in the TV show, it may make your site has highly spike access, JIN-KEI (Auto-Scaling) knows the server load. So that the server is going to scale up itself and redisperse the access to the AutoScaled servers then made no server failures. When the PV were decreasing, the server detects its load then terminate autoscaled servers, so that you may manage the servers without extra costs.

Comments from developers

Our dreams come true now; the no failure AMIMOTO infrastructure will be in your hand. We committed all of our know-hows for AutoScaling WordPress to the template. The template also provides development/staging environment, you don’t need worry about building a test WordPress environment.

How to use

Setting up from AWS Marketplace inputting required information;
Initial setup may take approximately thirty minutes to sixty minutes.
Waiting for complete the setting up; That is all you need to get medium sized WordPress infrastructure.


AWS resources


Media strages Amazon S3
File strages Amazon EFS
DB sever Amazon RDS(Maria DB)
web server Amazon EC2 + AutoScaling
Loadbalancing ELB
CDN Amazon CloudFront
OS AmazonLinux
Runtime PHP5.6
Proxy Cache Nginx
Function Monit
Web Server Nginx
Datebase Maria DB
Protocol HTTP/2
Version 1.1

Users’ voice

  • We have media site which has lots of advertisement income. The server failure causes our chance of loss our income. We rarely have server failure since we had changed our server environment to JINKEI (Auto-Scaling).
  • We’re internet mail order company and not infrastructure professionals. However, we easy to build and operate robust WordPress infrastructure, without professionals. It’s a stunning product.

You can easy to set up but hard to failure WordPress infrastructure from AWS Marketplace.