WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (MOD_PHP) CloudFormation Release

An AWS Marketplace feature announced in mid December 2015 allows users to easily deploy software on AWS Marketplace that are production-ready, and are using AWS CloudFormation templates. This is the Support for Clusters and AWS Resources.

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO CloudFormation!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.15.10 PM

WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (Apache HTTPD PHP7)
is a pre-configured operating system and virtual application software.

Highlights of the service include Nginx + Reverse Proxy Cache (with pre-installed WordPress Nginx Cache Controller plugin) GUI to control it.
With PHP7.0 Apache HTTPD module version, it’s possible to flexibly control via .htaccess.

WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (Apache HTTPD PHP7) may be deployed as a single AMI or through WordPress powered by JINKEI (Simple Stack MOD_PHP) Cloudformation.

This CloudFormation stack provides high performance WordPress.
By saving data from DataBase to RDS and saving media to S3, you can recover WordPress from server failure.

CloudFront is installed in front of the site to help reduce server load and let it correspond with lower latency to same time overseas access.
Using AMIMOTO AMI (Apache & PHP7) in the stack provides finely tuned WordPress for EC2, allowing easy and robust WordPress infrastructure development capable of large-scale site operations.

One instance of WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (Apache HTTPD PHP7) is on free trial for 14 days. Try it here.