WooCommerce (Simple Stack MOD PHP7) CloudFormation Release

Cloudformation templates makes workloads easy to deploy, saves massive amount of time and resources.

WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (Apache HTTPD PHP7) is a pre-installed WooCommerce AMI immediately available for use. WooCommerce is WordPress’ most in demand eCommerce plugin. Using WooCommerce, you can sell any product with ease and set preferences to your shop. With hundreds of extensions to choose from, you can customize it the way you want.

WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO may be deployed as a single AMI or through the CloudFormation WooCommerce by JINKEI (Simple Stack Mod_PHP7) that’s available today at the AWS Marketplace:


This CloudFormation stack provides high performance WordPress. By saving data from DataBase to RDS and saving media to S3, you can recover WordPress from server failure. CloudFront is installed in front of the site to help reduce server load and let it correspond with lower latency to same time overseas access.


Using AMIMOTO AMI in the stack provides finely tuned WordPress for EC2, allowing easy and robust WordPress infrastructure development capable of large-scale site operations.

Getting started with this CloudFormation is simple. Once your AMI is running, enter the Public DNS into your web browser to access the WordPress interface.
Step-by-step guide is found at: How to Setup CloudFormation JIN-KEI

Try WooCommerce by JINKEI (Simple Stack Mod_PHP7) CloudFormation at the AWS Marketplace today.