[Update WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM)] Supports PHP7 and update its OS

We published the latest WooCommerce AMI: WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM). This update includes the latest version of Amazon Linux OS and enabling PHP7 by default.

Hello, London and Canada!

You can start our latest WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) in newly added London and Canada region! We’re still working on providing in other regions.

Launch new

Just, access WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) on AWS Marketplace, and start a new instance. If you’re running our AMI WooCommerce powered by JINKEI (Simple Stack HVM) with CDN (CloudFront) or storage (S3) or DB server (RDS), choose [Delivery Methods] ->[WooCommerce powered by JINKEI (Simple Stack HVM)].


If you’re running it, please check our document how to upgrade your AMI to the latest.
How to upgrade running AMI to the latest on self hosting

Upgrading will not change version of PHP to PHP7. If you want to use PHP7 after the upgrade, please check our document and proceed it.