Tech blog migrates to AMIMOTO for WordPress speed and managed hosting support

g.O.R.i is technology blog focusing on Apple products and other gadgets. This blog founded by Kazuto Kusakari offers reviews on cutting edge tech and style often not covered by traditional media. If you’re looking for reliable reviews on what product to buy, this is it.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Kazuto Kusakari of and solve the issue of increased traffic and scaling with this increasingly popular review site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

With the right environment serving millions of page views per day is possible but you have you start with the right tools. In this case, reached out to AMIMOTO on a recommendation after trying to solve this issue with WordPress caching plugins.

AMIMOTO Managed Hosting Pricing

Plugins aren’t always the solution

Most WordPress caching plugins can offer a speed boost, there’s just a limit to what they can bring. Most often caching is one part of the solution, others being database related, server size or hardware improvements, physical location to your audience and more.

What plugins can’t offer is a web hosting platform built specifically to run WordPress. In combination with what AWS offers, NGINX, the latest version of PHP7 and an integrated CDN serving those millions of views per days is no longer a problem.

A jump in performance along with fully-managed WordPress hosting support can give you back more time to focus on your business and content. AMIMOTO aims to provide best resources possible and implement them with hands on the one-on-one support so you can feel comfortable and know your site is in good hands.