Sponsoring WordCamp Toronto 2013

WordCamp Tronto 2013
WordCamp Toronto 2013

** Why are you sponsoring WordCamp Toronto 2013?
We love WordPress and the community. We believe contributing to Open Source is making the world a better place. It would indeed be a pleasure to support WordCamp because it is a kind of a great ecosystem.

** What tip do you have for WordCamp Toronto 2013?
Using WordPress and Cloud (AWS), even a small company can build and manage a giant web site. We would like to support your business anytime, so feel free to contact us.

** Any other comments?
We have grown up with WordPress and that community for 7 years. Developing, publishing and localizing plugins and themes, contributing to the local WordCamps and the community, those are great experiences for us and supports our business. We would be happy if we could share our experiences and skills obtained in Japan.