Scale Up and Scale Down Instances

Sometimes you have a trouble to see your site because of overload of CPU and memory caused by heavy access or regenerating images.

AWS EC2 reduce or increase the CPU performance and the memory on an hour basis. On this topic, you will get to know how to scale up and scale down.

Scale up and scale down process

Login to the AWS management console and go to the EC2 dashboard.

Select the instance that you would like to scale up or down and click “Stop”.



Wait until the Instance State shows “stopped”, then choose “Change Instance Type”.



A dialog box will pop-up, and choose the instance type from the drop-down menu.



Start again once the instance type has changed.



Sudden load increase

There is no problem if you had planned to scale up and down in advance for regenerating the images or something, but sometimes the load will be suddenly high.

Of course we cannot monitor the server for 24 hours, but scaling up and down is an easy process especially in the case of AWS. There is a server monitoring tool in AWS called “CloudWatch”. 

Please visit this link for more details on AWS Amazon CloudWatch.