Now Available: AMIMOTO M4 Instances in Five Sizes

M4 belongs to the latest generation of General Purpose instances. It’s generally for applications requiring balance of compute, memory and network resources.

It has a custom 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 (Haswell) processors – optimized especially for EC2. With Intel Turbo Boost, it can go as high as 3.0 GHz.

We are excited to announce that M4 instances are now available in the following services:

EC2 instance typevCPUMem (GiB)  Dedicated EBS Throughput (Mbps)WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) /hourWordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) /hourWooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) /hour
m4.large28450 $0.15  $0.19  $0.19  
m4.2xlarge832 1,000$0.66$0.83  $0.83
m4.4xlarge16642,000$1.33  $1.67$1.67
m4.10xlarge401604,000$3.18 $3.87$3.87

Please visit AWS Marketplace for hourly and annual subscription rates:


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