New Release: “Elasticommerce Search Service”

The Elasticommerce Search Service

This service performs a precision enhancement of the search functionality of WooCommerce, to improve the conversion achievement rate of product purchase.

Elasticommerce Search Service


Amazon Elasticsearch Service

We adopted Amazon Elasticsearch, a search engine service. You can search custom fields by replacing WordPress standard search function. The accuracy of the Elasticsearch feature is dramatically improved in WooCommerce.

Conversion achievement is Improved

The search result and monitoring functions of eCommerce sites are improved by using PDCA cycle to achieve conversion.

Search Results Tune up

Visualize conversion result relevance of search results and product purchases through search monitoring. You can tune the search result in the simple control panel. (*coming soon)

Use in a Few Clicks

Just enable Elasticommerce Search Service plugin on WordPress Dashboard. We adopt fixed costs, so you can make budget plans. You can start the service anytime, anywhere.

This Service’s Solutions

Using eCommerce sites tuned search results and monitoring it, we are able to prove smooth PDCA cycle to achieve conversion.

Developers’ Comments

On E-commerce, it’s significant to run PDCA to achieve conversion. The flows from search to purchase are very important. This service easy make these flows.

By introducing as an optional function of AMIMOTO + WooCommerce, you can easily perform product search feature enhancements in AMIMOTO hosting and WooCommerce.

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