New Amimoto AMI for new T2 family, WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) is now available!

We’re pleased to announce that the New Amimoto AMI for new T2 family, I「WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (HVM)」 is now available.

Since the release of the new one, we have changed the name of the Amazon Linux version to “WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (PVM)”. Also, for the HVM version of Amimoto, the old type instance (t1.micro and M1 family) is not available.

Performance and Cost

Old instances(Available for PVM version of Amimoto)

t1.micro10.613$0.02 / hr
m1.small11.7$0.064 / hr
m1.medium13.75$0.127 / hr

New instances(Available for HVM version of Amimoto)

t2.micro11$0.018 / hr
t2.small12$0.046 / hr
t2.medium24$0.092 / hr

For the HVM version, you can choose a more powerful T2 instance family and it is even more reasonable.
The price of t2.micro is the added amount of software usage fee and EC2 usage fee, but it is lower than t1.micro’s price.

So please try the performance of the new Amimoto T2 family HVM version.

  1. The price is of Virginia region is on demand. The price includes software usage fee and EC2 usage fee. 
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