Mautic Powered by (JINKEI) Amazon Aurora CloudFormation Release

JIN-KEI CloudFormation now supports Amazon Aurora,
“a relational database engine that combines the speed and reliability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. It delivers up to five times the throughput of standard MySQL running on the same hardware.”


Mautic is an open source marketing automation tool that makes marketing easy and efficient with an automatic and customizable platform.
It helps track leads, maintain organized calendar, schedule events and tasks.

Using Mautic Powered by JINKEI (Aurora) Cloudformation delivers five times the performance of MySQL that works great for large scale needs.


Operating powerful DB servers requires a lot of time, effort and costs.


Mautic saves a lot of data to DB.
To use Mautic for production, a high performance DB Server is required.
With Amazon Aurora, it delivers “five times the performance of MySQL” which is a perfect match for Mautic.

JINKEI provides CloudFormation stack that delivers high performance Mautic. With ELB it helps reduce server load.
Using Mautic AMI in the stack provides finely tuned Mautic for EC2, allowing easy and robust Mautic infrastructure development capable of large-scale site operations.


Start with Mautic Powered by JINKEI (Aurora) from AWS Marketplace.

Regions that support this CloudFormation are: N. Virginia, Oregon, Ireland, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul.

You can access your Mautic with Amazon Aurora when CloudFormation has been deployed.

Try Mautic Powered by JINKEI (Aurora) CloudFormation at AWS Marketplace.