Introducing C4 Family in AMIMOTO Instances

The speed and performance of Amimoto C4 instances are posted in the article “C4 Has Been Added to AWS EC2.” The test results conducted a day before were truly impactful. Today we are very proud to announce that Amimoto C4 instances may now be used.

Please note that C4 family only applies to AMIMOTO (HVM) Version. 

Instance Name vCPU RAM EC2 Rates Software Charges
c4.large 2 3.75 gib $0.116/hour $0.045/hour
c4.xlarge 4 7.5 gib $0.232/hour $0.09/hour
c4.2xlarge 8 15 gib $0.464/hour $0.18/hour
c4.4xlarge 16 30 gib $0.928/hour $0.36/hour
c4.8xlarge 36 60 gib $1.856/hour $0.72/hour

※ The prices shown above are for US East (Northern Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. For rates in other locations, please refer to AMIMOTO (HVM) at the AWS Marketplace. 

You may visit our Amimoto Homepage for other options on instances launch , or you may just simply get in touch with us for any inquiries through this contact form. We’re on twitter too!