Getting Started with Managed WordPress Hosting on AMIMOTO

Welcome to AMIMOTO Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting!

Our team created a hosting architecture built for performance, durability, and security. We maintain that infrastructure with server support, Core updates, and regular security audits so you can get back to what matters.

We can also protect your WordPress site with included firewall, DDoS, and automated scaling options to meet high-traffic demands securing your investment against downtime.

Whether you’re new to WordPress or need help scaling that next big project, we’ll help you get there.

Getting Starting

If you are new to AMIMOTO and need help getting started we’ve created a few guides to help you get started.

1. Creating a new AMIMOTO account

To get started, first create a new account. This will give you access to setup account details and select your preferred server.
Create an Account

2. Update account info an payment methods

To create your first server you’ll need to add a a payment method. After creating your account log into your AMIMOTO Dashboard and update your payment details.
Add a Payment Method

3. Create a new Server

Once you’ve added your payment method you can request an AMIMOTO server. From the list of available¬†plans, select one that best fits your needs and create
your request.
Create a Server

4. Access your Managed Hosting server

Once your server request is complete, your new server and access info will be added to your AMIMOTO Dashboard.
Access your Server

5. Assign a domain name

Prepare for launch by migrating your files, requesting your SSL Certificate, and activating CDN features included with AMIMOTO Managed Hosting.
Assign a domain

Not an AMIMOTO Customer?

If you’re not a customer yet, we’re here to help you get started. ¬†Let us know if you have any questions about how we can help you migrate, scale, deploy and more. Check out pricing page for available plan and comprehensive comparison chat.
Pricing & Plans