Free Trial: WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM)

Starting today, everyone can try WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) free for 14 days!

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WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) is our 15th and latest service at the AWS Marketplace. Subscriptions for AMIMOTO HHVM are per hour and per year basis. However, only hourly subscriptions are eligible for this 14-Day Free Trial. Annual subscriptions may only be purchased.

AMIMOTO HHVM has self-hosting and managed hosting plan. This Trial Version is only for self-hosting. User guide is available in AMIMOTO blog and FAQ page.

FAQ: WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) Free Trial

When you launch WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) FREE version, you get the same features as the paid version. 

Users may launch only one HHVM instance in one global region. Although hourly software charges for your instance is free, please note that AWS infrastructure fees will still apply.

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After 14 days, the Free Trial will convert automatically to a paid hourly subscription. Kindly visit AWS Marketplace or AWS Management Console if you wish to terminate your AMIMOTO HHVM instance before or on the day of the free trial expiration.

Try AMIMOTO HHVM WordPress Cloud Hosting here – 2 weeks FREE!