DigitalCube prepares for migration to Amazon Linux 2

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

Amazon Linux 2 is the latest iteration of Amazon’s Linux operating system. As an early adopter and Advanced Technology Partner of AWS, we’re excited to explore the benefits it can offer our team and customers.

As a team that prides itself on a deep understanding of how to integrate WordPress with all that AWS has to offer, Amazon Linux 2 grants us a lot of opportunities. For example, AL2 offers early access to features and configurations not available to other Linux distributions. As newly-released instance types become available our customers can begin using them without delay. This is important because the advantages that AL2 provides could be 6 to 12 months ahead of other Linux distributions.

AWS also announced that Amazon Linux 2 offers long term support currently set at 5 years. By migrating to AL2 now, we are ensuring that our customers are prepared for the future. That’s great news for WordPress as over the past year it’s continued its gain in the global market share of CMS providers.

Have a question about Amazon Linux 2? Let us know what you think! We’re happy to share our journey into the AWS ecosystem and bring back the best it has to offer for the WordPress community.

To learn more about all that AL2 offers, visit the product page.

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