AMIMOTO (PVM): End of t1.micro

WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (PVM) is the first of five types of AMIMOTO.

DigitalCube has been providing this service since late 2013, and since then, new EC2 instance families and types have emerged. These new generation instances have higher performance than the previous generation.

As of 09 July 2015, WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (PVM) t1.micro is no longer available.

t1.micro being removed from the list of PVM will not affect users who are already running on them. Support for t1.micro users is continuous.

Currently, m1.small is the smallest instance for WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (PVM).

If you’re looking for an instance for general-purpose apps like web servers, developer environments or small databases, here are some options: