Amimoto to Host Media Assembly Kit

Three days ago we launched our latest service, Media Assembly Kit. It’s a dedicated theme with clever features and flexible functions to adapt to any traffic.

Media Assembly Kit is a new framework of WordPress that does not use a WordPress theme. It lets you build a platform for flexible content delivery that does not depend on the device.

Using WordPress as a CMS, the kit uses an exclusive HTML template to display the website and the contents with AJAX. The HTML template displays the site by acquiring the article data distributed by JSON REST API.


Web pages for school, business, blog, online news or magazine generate a lot of traffic, and at times sudden surge isn’t managed so well in terms of speed so the site becomes sluggish – that’s why we’ve created Media Assembly Kit service.

It’s the the fusion of WordPress, Media Framework, Technical Support and Amimoto AMI hosting service.

It’s made to deliver absolute performance for sites with 1 million page views and higher. Supported by technical team and Amimoto AMI server, you won’t have to worry anymore. It’s our job to manage it for you.

Your web contents and posts take the spotlight, so Media Assembly Kit is a great choice for showcasing what matters most at lightning speed.