AMIMOTO HHVM 3.9 Package

We’re thrilled to announce the release of HHVM 3.9 (long term support) package for AMIMOTO HHVM.

This release contains a variety of enhancements to the type-checker and runtime, and as always many changes designed to improve performance. Key type-checker changes include a new set of library functions to operate on Shapes, a new type to represent Foo::class strings, and improved reflection for type-constants. Runtime improvements include a new facility for pooling curl handles between requests, and a runtime setting to reclaim memory in the translation cache (TC) from dead translations.

Reference: HHVM 3.9.0

Existing users of WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO HHVM can update with the following command:

sudo yum update hhvm -—nogpgcheck
sudo service hhvm restart