AMIMOTO featured on AWS User Cases

WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO caters clients of all sizes; from small to large scale media sites to huge enterprises and global corporations.

Recently, Amazon Web Services Japan released their latest Customer Cases. One of which includes our client Mazda.

We would like to thank Mazda for their feedback on AMIMOTO’s performance and Amazon Web Services for featuring WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO on AWS Customer Cases.


Mazda runs on WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO

Previously, site traffic and peak time were difficult to predict, including stable operation and cost optimization.

Now the new Mazda Motor Corporation’s official blog site is able to securely and flexibly adopt a scalable AWS platform by utilizing high performance AMIMOTO AMI to run and maintain WordPress.

Amazon Web Services Japan site, User Case of Mazda:

Three points that are no longer a bother: 

1. Easy to install 

Immediate and complete setup with a simple button. 

AWS’ cloud computing environment provides Amazon EC2 as virtual servers for CMS that may be used in applications and other computing systems.

WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO can be selected from AWS Marketplace and install it in a few clicks. Through this, middleware and database configuration are no longer complex.

2. High Performance 

Environment optimized for WordPress with advanced tuning and latest instance.

Advanced tuning, MySQL, Nginx, and reverse proxy cache through cache control for WordPress environment are all provided by AMIMOTO AMI that is available in AWS Marketplace.

Furthermore, free tier is available for first time users of AWS where it is possible to use AWS resources for free like Amazon EC2 , HVM instance, server environment, as well as SSD block storage. One can reduce the cost in the cloud.

3. Security 

With standard security built-in features that comply with AWS security standards

With WordPress sites and blogs in the cloud, security is important. We started to be on WordPress environment easily since AMIMOTO AMI complies and meets the security standards of AWS Marketplace.

In addition, with features like login history monitoring, brute force attack measures, and two-factor authentication, our websites and blogs on WordPress environment have even become more secure.


With Developer Functions

Not only that WordPress on AWS is easily started, but AMIMOTO also includes developer functions like WP-CLI for command operations, monitoring by Monit and Amazon S3 for storage. Content collaboration is also faster and made easy.

Usage Flow

Starting WordPress on Amazon EC2 is simple.

After creating a free AWS account, go to the management screen / console and choose a WordPress Amazon Machine Image (AMI) package from a third party website. With a few clicks, WordPress will be installed within 10 minutes.

Moreover, it (AMIMOTO) includes third party tools not requiring complex command input to acquire. Since these tools are provided, you will obtain a customized WordPress environment.

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