AMIMOTO Essential Plugins

AMIMOTO Managed Hosting includes a few features other provides do not, such as server side caching and CDN controls. These features often scale back or completely replace the use of similar plugins with the same purpose.

For example, WordPress Caching. Most caching plugins are dependent on WordPress itself. With AMIMOTO we cache using NGINX and the server directly. This allows your site to process requests faster, more reliably and scale without errors.

After migrating to AMIMOTO, make sure you’re getting the most out of your hosting plan by including these plugins.

AMIMOTO Plugin Dashboard

Available in the WordPress Plugins directory, this is a great starting point for all AMIMOTO Essential plugins. It will include links to plugins for controlling NGINX Cache, Uploading and offloading assets to S3, and enabling CloudFront Controls.

AMIMOTO Plugin Dashboard

NGINX Cache Controller

WordPress sites running on AMIMOTO come with NGINX Reverse Proxy Cache. This cache module is pre-configured and replaces other commonly used plugins for caching. If you’ve migrated and previously used a page cache or database caching plugin you can probably disable them.

This plugin will help you control the cache time for particular sections of your site, clear those caches and even set a particular cache level.

Nginx Cache Controller

C3 CloudFront Cache Controller

If you are on a hosting plan that support Auto Scaling, we recommend using the CloudFront Cache Controller to your WordPress site. This plugin will help you set the expiration times for cached content server by CloudFront and invalidate that cached data as your create new content.

C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller