AMIMOTO AMI has been Updated.

We have updated AMIMOTO AMI and it is available at the URL below:

AWS Marketplace amimoto

  • WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) ver.1.1
  • WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (PVM) ver.1.3

Updated OS and middlewares.

On the new AMIMOTO AMI, Amazon Linux, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL have been updated.

OS or Middleware Version Old version
Amazon Linux release 2014.09 release 2014.03
Nginx ver.1.6.x ver.1.4.x
PHP ver.5.5.x ver.5.4.x
Percona MySQL ver.5.6.x ver.5.5.x

Now parameters will be optimized for the instance type when you scale up or down.

With the previous AMIMOTO AMI, the parameters of middlewares were set up when you start the instance for the first time and they won’t change when you scale up or down.
With the new AMIMOTO AMI, when the OS starts, it recognizes the instance type of itself and set up (again) the parameters depending on the instance type.
So they will be optimized and improve the performance when you scale up your server.


The upgrade from PVM version to HVM version, and the migration of HVM 1.0 (previous version) to HVM 1.1, users need to create a new instance in the same region from AWS Marketplace Amimoto since the migration of data by the database rsync is necessary.