Amazon Machine Images for WordPress are now available for Amazon EC2 T3a instances.

We are pleased to announce that Amazon EX2 T3a Instancs are now available through Amimoto AMI. T3a instances are server environments designed for moderate CPU usage applications that experience temporary spikes. These instances make for a cost effective and high performance option for WordPress by saving you approximately 10% of the cost of an equivalent Amazon EC2 T3 instance.

Using Amazon Machine Images for WordPress is the easiest way to use WordPress in the cloud. Once you’ve made the purchase, setup is just a single click. 



Optimized for WordPress

Nginx, PHP7, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL are preconfigured for WordPress with just one click, and all the features you need, such as AMIMTO-CLI, WP-CLI, and Git, are pre installed.


Super fast and stable WordPress environment.

The combination of reverse proxy caching and tuned MySQL ensures high performance along with durability for your webpages. With Amazon Machine Images for WordPress, you can handle more requests with a more cost-effective instance.

Compatibility with third party products

Amazon Machine Images for WordPress are available for self-service in your AWS environment making it compatible with security appliances, SaaS, and monitoring services as needed.

Please give it a try for yourself, we look forward to any feedback you might have.