2 NEW WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO at AWS Marketplace

Using high performance AMIMOTO AMI server and AWS platform, we provide full cloud infrastructure for WooCommerce!

AMIMOTO offers fully managed hosting, including self-hosting plans for WooCommerce.

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In addition to the first WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM), we are excited to announce today the immediate availability of two new WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO at AWS Marketplace:
WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO HVM Apache HTTPD PHP7
OS Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2014.09
Delivery Method 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Support by email
Highlights HVM PHP7.0 Apache HTTPD module version. It is possible to flexibly control via .htaccess.
Benefits Customizable, easy to set options for your shop’s payment, shipping, tax, and other preferences in a few clicks, robust infrastructure, AMIMOTO AMI high performance server
Pricing Model Hourly & Annual
Global Data Centers 10 Regions: N.Virginia, Oregon, N.California, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul & Sao Paulo
Free Trial 14 days free

AMIMOTO is published at AWS Marketplace Support for Clusters and AWS Resources for providing Cloudformation templates and services that are production-ready.

The current Cloudformations we provide here are WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) and (Apache HTTPD PHP7). Soon we will launch Cloudformation templates optimized for WooCommerce.

Cloudformation makes workloads easy to deploy, saves time and WooCommerce Cloudformation templates are something to look forward to in the near future.

Try WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM)
and (Apache HTTPD PHP7) FREE for 14 days!