Mission statement

These are the basic rules to accomplish our vision together.
We follow these ways and work on our own initiative for our big goals.

  • Always offer services that make our clients feel happy and satisfied.
  • Always challenge making our systems and designs the best.
  • Treat clients with dignity and respect, create businesses as partners.
  • Solve the problems with an unyielding spirit.
  • Make positive contributions to the local community and the protection of the environment.

Message from the CEO

Our goal is to make our clients happy.

Not listed on our services, though, our most important service is “people”.
Our goal is to make our clients happy.

DigitalCube is a company that values meeting people, both offering and sharing exciting experiences and happiness to whom we meet.
That’s our pleasure.

Another most important service of ours are the open source solutions.
Among the many open source softwares, we offer the best solutions for our customers.

Through the internet solution, we, DigitalCube enrich the people we meet.
That’s our aim, and each of us heads toward the goal.

DigitalCube Co. Ltd.
CEO KOGA, Hiromichi