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We truly enjoy developing WordPress plugins ‘cos the more plugins we do, the more knowledge we gain, the better the fun we have, and our bond with our team members and WordPress become more profound. This is our Plugins Stats now, and counting!

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WordCamp Sponsorships

WordCamp Speakers

Speaking at WordCamp is a humbling experience that gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge on anything WordPress. WordCamps here and abroad open our doors for greater opportunities not only to learn from others but also to connect with other participants. It is exciting to immerse in another country’s culture, meet various attendees and get to know their WordPress culture.

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Core Contributors / Translators

Contributing to WordPress core is where we obtain and hone new skills from other contributors. At the same time, translating is fun for us because it gives plenty of other users the moment to get to know WordPress in full color.

Japanese package team :
MIYOSHI Takayuki , JOTAKI Taisuke

Forum Moderator (ja):
OKAMOTO Hidetaka

Translators :
NUKAGA Junko , OKAMOTO Hidetaka

Global Forum Team Liaison:
OKAMOTO Hidetaka

December 19, 2009: WordPress Release 2.9, oh so fine :
MIYOSHI Takayuki
October 24, 2013: 3.7 “Basie” :
December 12, 2013: 3.8 “Parker” :
August 16, 2014: 3.9 “Smith” :
MIYAUCHI Takayuki, and OKAMOTO Wataru
September 14, 2014: 4.0 “Benny” :
JOTAKI Taisuke
December 18, 2014: 4.1 “Dinah” :
JOTAKI Taisuke, and MIYAUCHI Takayuki
April 23, 2015: 4.2 “Powell” :
HORIKE Takahiro, HISHIKAWA Takuro, and NUKAGA Junko.
December 8, 2015: 4.4 “Clifford” :
April 12, 2016: 4.5 “Coleman” :
MIYOSHI Takayuki


We use GitHub to work and collaborate on our projects including plugins and so much more. Anyone in the team can continue where someone left off or start working from there. It helps us develop faster, even we are at different locations.

github book2

_s WordPress Starter Theme Contributions

Pitching in to underscores is exceptional. Now more users can discover the beauty of WordPress theme development.


Underscores (_s) based grunt-init template for WordPress theme.

This is a WordPress Starter Theme based on _s and integrated with grunt.
Iemoto follows all the fixes and feature upgrades of _s
Automate theme development process with it!


Authored WordPress-related Books

Currently, there are four books on WordPress co-authored by some of our team members:

1. “Quicker & Smarter WordPress Operation: A Must-Have Guidebook”
2. “The Bible of WordPress Plugin Development: To Improve Site Scalability”
3. “WordPress Professional Training Readings (Software Design plus)”
4. “世界一わかりやすいWordPress 導入とサイト制作の教科書”

book1 book2 book3


Is one of the most beautiful Vagrant-based development environments for WordPress plugins, themes, or websites. Developing the VCCW project made it simpler and engaging for other developers.


Mautic Core Contribution & Translation

Mautic is an open source marketing automation tool.
Contributing to Mautic core, API library & Japanese translations allow us to learn deeply about the platform, its features and benefits that inspire us to help users in hosting, CloudFormation and Mautic-related optional services.


Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is an app framework powered by AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda to build web, mobile, and IoT apps.
It inspires our team to create the following Serverless projects:1. Serverless UnitTest Boilerplate
2. Serverless CommandLine Event Args
3. Serverless Elasticommerce Search Service